Collection of the objects from the Yemeni museums

1438 titles, of which 1378 are actual objects 605 titles starting with a, of which 562 main titles and 43 concordances
previewA-20-278Artefact » Stela » Stela with framework
previewA-20-279Stone inscription
previewA-20-280Stone inscription
previewA-20-281Stone inscription
previewA-20-283Stone inscription
previewA-20-285Stone inscription
previewA-20-286Artefact » Stela » Stela with framework
previewA-20-287Stone inscription
previewA-20-288Artefact » Altar
previewA-20-289Artefact » Incense burner
previewA-20-290Artefact » Incense burner
previewA-20-301Artefact » Stela » Stela with framework
previewA-20-305Artefact » Architectural element » Architectural decoration
previewA-20-333Artefact » Offering table » With bull head as gutter
previewA-20-341Stone inscription
previewA-20-357Artefact » Incense burner
previewA-20-373Stone inscription
previewA-20-375Stone inscription
previewA-20-380Artefact » Altar
previewA-20-381Artefact » Stela » Stela with figure in relief
previewA-20-400Stone inscription
previewA-20-449Stone inscription
previewA-20-55Artefact » Stela » Stela with figure in relief
previewA-20-550Artefact » Stela » Stela with figure in relief
previewA-20-555Artefact » Base » Of statue with dedicatory inscription
previewA-20-556Stone inscription
previewA-20-557Stone inscription
previewA-20-625Artefact » Incense burner
previewA-20-627Artefact » Incense burner