Collection of the objects from the Yemeni museums

1412 titles, of which 1101 are actual epigraphs 339 titles starting with a, of which 305 main titles and 34 concordances
previewA-20-846Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
previewA-20-847Undefined Ancient South Arabian language
previewA-20-848Undefined Ancient South Arabian language
previewA-20-849Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
previewA-20-850Minaic » Central Minaic
previewA-20-865Undefined Ancient South Arabian language
previewA-20-866Undefined Ancient South Arabian language
previewA-20-880Sabaic » Undefined Sabaic
previewA-20-887Sabaic » Undefined Sabaic
previewA-20-888Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
previewA-20-889Sabaic » Undefined Sabaic
previewA-20-899Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
previewA-40-444 (Bāsh 24)Sabaic » Undefined Sabaic
previewA-50-1028Minaic » Central Minaic
previewA-50-506Sabaic » Undefined Sabaic
previewA-50-509Undefined Ancient South Arabian language
previewA-50-511Undefined Ancient South Arabian language
previewal-ʿĀdī 11 (ATM 869)Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewAM 202AUndefined Ancient South Arabian language
previewAM 202BSabaic » Undefined Sabaic
previewAM 202CUndefined Ancient South Arabian language
previewAM 60.1127Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewAM 60.1130Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewAM 60.1178Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewAM 60.1236 (Ghul-YU 5)Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewAM 60.1294 (Ghul-YU 9)Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewAM 60.1305 (Ghul-YU 11)Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewAM 60.1306Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewAM 60.1332 (CIAS 95.11/r 8 n° 1)Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewAM 60.1333 (Ghul-YU 14)Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic