Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

9224 titles, of which 9035 are actual objects 204 titles starting with d, of which 204 main titles and 0 concordances
DAI Barʾān 1990-1Inscription on architectural structure » Wall
DAI Barʾān 1990-2Inscription on architectural structure » Wall
DAI Barʾān 2000-1Artefact » Base » Of statue with dedicatory inscription
DAI FH ʾAwām 1997-6Stone inscription
DAI FH ʾAwām 2000-3Stone inscription
DAI GDN 2002-20Monumental stela
DAI Ǧabal Balaq al-Qiblī 3Rock inscription
DAI Ǧabal Kawfal 1Stone inscription
previewDAI Jabal al-ʿAwd 3Artefact » Plaque
DAI Ṣirwāḥ 2002-103Stone inscription
DAI Ṣirwāḥ 2002-11Inscription on architectural structure » Pillar
DAI Ṣirwāḥ 2005-1AStone inscription
DAI Ṣirwāḥ 2005-50Monumental stela
previewDarb aṣ-Ṣabī 32Artefact » Stela
previewDār al-ŠukrStone inscription
previewDhM 156Artefact » Container » Basin
previewDhM 157Stone inscription
previewDhM 161/1Stone inscription
previewDhM 161/2Stone inscription
previewDhM 164Stone inscription
previewDhM 165Stone inscription
previewDhM 169Artefact » Incense burner
previewDhM 172Artefact » Offering table » With plain gutter
previewDhM 173Artefact » Altar
previewDhM 177Stone inscription
previewDhM 178Stone inscription
previewDhM 180Stone inscription
previewDhM 181Stone inscription
previewDhM 182Stone inscription
previewDhM 184Artefact » Architectural element » Capital