Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

9431 titles, of which 9238 are actual objects 280 titles starting with s, of which 257 main titles and 23 concordances
previewSadd Maʾrib-Vogt 3Rock inscription
previewSadd Maʾrib-Vogt 4Rock inscription
previewSadd Maʾrib-Vogt 5Rock inscription
previewSadd Maʾrib-Vogt 6Rock inscription
previewSadd Maʾrib-Vogt 8Rock inscription
previewSaid 1Stick
SAM 1Artefact » Container
SAM 16Artefact » Container
SAM 17Artefact » Container
SAM 19Artefact » Incense burner
SAM 25Artefact » Container
SAM 5Artefact » Incense burner
previewSanaa-Garbini 1Stone inscription
previewSanaa-Garbini 2Stone inscription
Sanaa-Garbini 3Stone inscription
previewSanaa-Garbini 4Artefact » Offering table » With bull head as gutter
previewSanaa-Garbini 5Artefact » Plaque » With framework
previewSanaa-Garbini 6Artefact » Base » Of statue with dedicatory inscription
previewSanaa-Garbini 7Stone inscription
previewSayedRock inscription
previewSchiettecatte 2006Artefact » Sculpture in the round » Human figure
previewSchiettecatte-Nāʿiṭ 9Stone inscription
Schm/al-Masājid 1Stone inscription
previewSchm/Ḫuraiba 1Stone inscription
previewSchm/MA 2Stone inscription
Schm/MA 20Artefact » Base » Of stela
previewSchm/MA 3Artefact » Stela » Stela with framework
Schm/MA 97Artefact » Base » Of statue with dedicatory inscription
previewSchm/Mārib 1Rock inscription
previewSchm/Mārib 10Rock inscription