Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

14116 titles, of which 8600 are actual epigraphs 32 titles starting with w, of which 27 main titles and 5 concordances
previewWaddingham 1Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewWalker BarodaQatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewWādī al-Sirr 1Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
previewWādī Ḍuraʾ 1Ḥaḍramitic
previewWādī Ḍuraʾ 16Ḥaḍramitic
previewWādī Ḍuraʾ 2Ḥaḍramitic
previewWādī Ḍuraʾ 39Ḥaḍramitic
Wādī Ḍuraʾ 40AḤaḍramitic
Wādī Ḍuraʾ 40BḤaḍramitic
Wādī Ḍuraʾ 42Ḥaḍramitic
previewWādī Ḍuraʾ 46Ḥaḍramitic
previewWādī Ḍuraʾ 47Ḥaḍramitic
previewWādī Ḍuraʾ 5Ḥaḍramitic
previewWādī Ḍuraʾ 6AḤaḍramitic
previewWādī Ḍuraʾ 6BḤaḍramitic
previewWādī Ḍuraʾ 8Ḥaḍramitic
previewWādī Ḥarīr 1Sabaic » Southern Middle Sabaic
previewWeigall 2 (Ry 361)Ḥaḍramitic
previewWellcome 1Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewWellcome A 103664Sabaic » Late Sabaic
previewWellcome Swansea 1Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewWellcome Swansea 2Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewWellcome Swansea 3Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewWi (e)-RaybūnḤaḍramitic
previewWi (i)-RaybūnḤaḍramitic
previewWi Sūna (c) (RES 4672)Ḥaḍramitic
previewWi Sūna (d)Ḥaḍramitic
previewWi Sūna (e)Ḥaḍramitic
Wilson 10 (Robin-al-Madîna 1)Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
previewWilson 9 (Robin-Bayt ʿIḏâqa 1)Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic