Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

14116 titles, of which 8600 are actual epigraphs 131 titles starting with h, of which 109 main titles and 22 concordances
previewH 2cQatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewHa 11Sabaic » Late Sabaic
previewHa 7Qatabanic » Central Qatabanic
previewHadda Ghulays 1Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
previewHadda Ghulays 4Sabaic » Late Sabaic
previewHadda Ghulays 6Sabaic » Late Sabaic
previewHakir 1 (Ga 16)Sabaic » Southern Middle Sabaic
previewHakir 2Sabaic » Southern Middle Sabaic
Hakir 5Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
previewHakir 6 (Gr 42)Sabaic » Southern Middle Sabaic
previewHal 410 (as-Sawdāʾ 15)Minaic » Central Minaic
previewHamilton 1Ḥaḍramitic
previewHamilton 2 A+B + Shabwa S/75/128Ḥaḍramitic
previewHamilton 3Sabaic » Early Sabaic
previewHamilton 4Sabaic » Early Sabaic
previewHamilton 5Sabaic » Early Sabaic
previewHamilton 6Ḥaḍramitic
previewHamilton 8Ḥaḍramitic
previewHamilton 9Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
previewHaram 1Undefined Ancient South Arabian language
Haram 10Sabaic » Northern Middle Sabaic
Haram 11Minaic » Central Minaic
Haram 12Minaic » Central Minaic
Haram 13Sabaic » Northern Middle Sabaic
Haram 14Minaic » Central Minaic
Haram 15Sabaic » Early Sabaic
Haram 16Sabaic » Early Sabaic
Haram 17Sabaic » Early Sabaic
Haram 18Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
Haram 19Sabaic » Early Sabaic