Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

Fontaine and Arbach 2006: 78-79, fig. 32


LanguageAncient South Arabian » Minaic » Central Minaic
AlphabetAncient South Arabian
Script typologyMonumental writing
Writing techniqueIncision
Textual typologyDedicatory text - fragmentary (conjectural)


   1  Dḥml w-bhn-s¹w Bdy±t w-ʿbdt ḏ-qhl±th ʿṯtr ḏ-Yh±rq w-Y[... ... ... ...]—
   2  lhtn ʾhl Ẓlwmn ±ʾhl Gbʾn mw±ddt ʾlyfʿ Y±s²r w-b[... ...]
   3  [w-]Nkrḥm w-ʿṯtr ḏ-Y±hrq w-ʿṯr Yhr±q kl mbny m±ḥfdn Rbqn ±w-mʿdwtn ḏt by±nh-s¹ w-bynh ḏ-Mlḥ b(l)[q](m)[ ... ...]
   4  ʿd s¹mh b-frʿ frʿ ±Gdn w-Dḥml k-ʿ±ṯtr ḏ-Qbḍm w-k ʾlʾltn ±w-b ḏ-mʾd bn ʾyd±wh-s¹m k-ʾlʾltn w-yʾtm[r ... ...]
   5  b-ḏn fr±ʿn ywm ḏbḥ ʿṯtr ḏ-Qbḍm w-Wd±m ʾḏbḥm b-ʾḥḍrm /24/ w-ywm ʿr(b) Dḥml ±w-Bdyt w-ʿb±dt mṯʿy W[dm ... ...]—
   6  h-(s¹) ʾḏb±ḥm /17/ w-rṯd ʾhl Ẓlwmn (m)bn±y-s¹m w-s³lʾ-s¹m w-ʾs¹ṭr±-s¹m ʿṯtr± S²rqn w-ʿṯt±r ḏ-Qbḍm w-Wdm w-Nkrḥ[m ... ...]
   7  ʾlʾlt Mʿnm w-Y±ṯl w-kl ʾlʾlt ḏ-ʾ(ḫ)ms¹m w-ʾs²ʿbm w-kl ʾlʾlt ḏ-bḥrm w-y±bs¹m w-ms²rqm± w-mʿrbm w-ʾmlk Mʿnm[ ... ... bn ḏ-ys¹n]—
   8  kr-s¹m w-s¹fʾy w-n±qṣ w-mʾd w-ʿtkr (b)-s¹m bn mqmh-s¹m ym(t) ʾr(ḍm) [w-](s¹mhm) [w-]ymt hgrn Yṯl± w-mḥfdn Rbqn b-yw(m) [... ...]
   9  Nbṭ mlky Mʿnm |

2Letter ẓ dextrograde.
8At the end, B-M 1 integrates only [Wqhʾl].



   1  Dḥmʾl and his sons Bdyt and ʿbdt, of the community of ʿṯtr ḏ-Yhrq and [... ...]
   2  ... people of Ẓlwmn, of the people of Gbʾn, friends of ʾlyfʿ Ys²r and [... ...]
   3  and Nkrḥm, ʿṯtr ḏ-Yhrq and ʿṯr Yhrq all the construction of the tower Rqbn and the passageway which is between it and (the tower) ḏ-Mlḥ, in stone [... ...]
   4  up to the sky, with the tribute which Gdn and Dḥml had to pay to ʿṯtr ḏ-Qbḍm and to the gods, and with what they added (coming) from their hands for the gods, and he agreed (the god?) [... ...]
   5  with this tribute, when they made a sacrifice to ʿṯtr ḏ-Qbḍm and Wdm victims during the festivals (in number of) 24, and when Dḥmʾl and Bdyt and ʿbdt offered the libation[... ...]
   6  17 victims; and the people of Ẓlwmn committed their construction, their dedication and their inscriptions to ʿṯtr S²rqn, ʿṯtr ḏ-Qbḍm, Wdm amd Nkrḥm [... ...]
   7  the gods of Maʿīn and Yṯl and all the gods of the confederate tribes and of the tribes and all the gods of the sea and of the land, of the East and of the West, and of the kings of Maʿīn [... ...] against the one who may da-
   8  mage them, and destroy and remove, adding or making an objection against them, from their place, for the days of the lands and of the sky, and the days of the town Yṯl and the tower Rqbn, at the time of [... ...]
   9  Nbṭ the two kings of Maʿīn.


Support typeInscription on architectural structure » Walls
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Origin and provenance
Modern siteBarāqish
Ancient siteYṯl
Geographical areaSouthern Jawf
FoundIn situ
Archaeological contextUrban context: City walls
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Müller, Walter W. 1982 b: 132, pl. 54/a-bMüller, Walter W. 1982. Bemerkungen zu einigen von der Yemen-Expedition 1977 des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts aufgenommenen Inschriften aus dem Raum Mārib und Barāqiš. Archäologische Berichte aus dem Yemen, 1: 129-134.
Fontaine and Arbach 2006: 78-79, fig. 32Fontaine, Hugues and Arbach, Mounir 2006. Yémen. Cités d'écritures. Manosque: Le bec en l'air éditions.