Corpus of Central Qatabanic Inscriptions

1828 titles, of which 1803 are actual objects 12 titles starting with n, of which 12 main titles and 0 concordances
previewNAM 163Artefact » Slab
previewNAM 2001Artefact » Weight
previewNAM 2330Stone inscription
previewNAM 2348Stone inscription
previewNAM 2820Stone inscription
previewNAM 344Stone inscription
previewNAM 357Artefact » Stela » Stela with eyes or stylized face
previewNAM 472Artefact » Sculpture in the round » Part of human body
previewNAM 506Artefact » Stela » Stela with figure in relief
previewNAS 4 ARock inscription
previewNAS 4 BRock inscription
previewNefer 1Artefact » Slab