Corpus of Central Qatabanic Inscriptions

1828 titles, of which 1803 are actual objects 14 titles starting with v, of which 14 main titles and 0 concordances
previewVL 1Artefact » Slab
previewVL 10Rock inscription
previewVL 11Artefact » Stela » Stela with eyes or stylized face
previewVL 15Stone inscription
previewVL 2Stone inscription
VL 20Artefact » Altar
previewVL 32Artefact » Base » Of statue with dedicatory inscription
previewVL 33Artefact » Sculpture in the round » Part of human body
previewVL 34Artefact » Offering table
previewVL 35Artefact » Base » Of stela
previewVL 36Artefact » Base » Of stela
previewVL 37Artefact » Base » Of stela
previewVL 38Artefact » Base » Of stela
previewVL 9Stone inscription