Corpus of Sabaic Inscriptions (work in progress)

Stein 2003 b: figs 1-2


LanguageAncient South Arabian » Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
AlphabetAncient South Arabian
Script typologyMinuscule writing
Writing techniqueIncision
Date(Ry IVa)
Textual typologyLegal text


   1  S¹ʿdṯwn w-ʾḫy-hw w-bny-hmw bnw ḏ-Yʿ—
   2  d ʾdm bn Gdnm whbw w-ḫmr w-hwddn l-ʾd—
   3  m-h<m>w Whbs²bʿn w-ʾḫy-hw w-bny-hmw bny S²h—
   4  rm ʾns²qn ʾdm ḏ-Yʿd ṯty mrʾtn bnty bn S²—
   5  hrm mrʾty wldty tʾmm bnty ʾṯtn Rfʾt ʾ—
   6  mt ḏ-Y(ʿ)d w-ʾs¹mw-hmy ʾmtʾbh w-Mrs¹ʿt w-bnw S²hr—
   7  m f-l yqnynn w-brl w-bʿl w-hwṣtn w-hs²ʾmn w-
   8  q(y)ḍ w-qtyḍn b-hmt m(r)ʾtnh(n) w-ʾwld-hmy w-
   9  ʾwld ʾwld-hmy ḍrbm ḏ-wld wldm w-ʿḏ—
  10  r ʿḏrm w-bnw ḏ-Yʿd f-l yhmtʿnn w-hbrr—
  11  n l-ʾdm-hmw bny S²hrm b-hmt mrʾtnhn bn kl ʾ—
  12  ns¹m bhṯm w-qṭnm w-nkrm w-ġrbm w-gybm w-ḏ-ʿb—
  13  rm w-kwn<t> ḏt nḥltn b-wrḫ ḏ-S¹bʾ ḏ-ḫrf Ns²ʾkr—
  14  b bn Mʿdkrb bn Fḍḥm S¹ʿdṯwn

L.7: bgl as an option to brl (Stein 2003 b).
L.9: ẓrbm (Stein 2003 b).



   1  S¹ʿdṯwn and his brothers as well as their sons, descendants of the [clan] ḏ-Yʿd,
   2  servants of the Banū Gdnm, have handed over, granted, and entrusted to their
   3  servants, [namely] Whbs²bʿn and his brothers as well as their sons, descendants of the [clan] S²hrm,
   4  [inhabitants of the city] of Ns²qm, servants of the [clan] ḏ-Yʿd, two women, [namely] both daughters of the Banū
   5  S²hrm, the two women who were born as twins, both daughters of the woman Rfʾt, maid-
   6  servant of the [clan] ḏ-Yʿd, - and their names are ʾmtʾbh and Mrs¹ʿt. And the Banū S²hrm
   7  may acquire and go into possession of and possess and command [them], or sell and
   8  exchange [them] or exchange [something] for those two women as well as for their children and
   9  grandchildren [, which belong to them] as [full] proprietary right now and in future [lit.: for the child of a child and for the family (=generation?)
  10  of a family]. And the Banū ḏ-Yʿd shall grant protection and free availability
  11  to their servants, the Banū S²hrm, concerning those two women against any
  12  man, great or small, alien or well known, "good" or "bad" [?].
  13  And this grant took place in the month ḏ-S¹bʾ of the year of the [eponym] Ns²ʾkrb,
  14  son of Mʿdkrb, descendant of the [clan] Fḍḥm. S¹ʿdṯwn [has signed].


DepositMünchen, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Mon.script.sab. 1
Support typeStick
Measuresh. 3.5, l. 12.5
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Modern siteUnknown
Ancient siteUnknown
Geographical areaUnknown
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Stein 2003 b: 267-274, figs 1-2Stein, Peter 2003. The inscribed wooden sticks of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 33: 267-274.
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