Corpus of Early Sabaic Inscriptions from Ethiopia (work in progress)

Bernand, Drewes and Schneider 1991: ii, pl. 8
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LanguageAncient South Arabian » Sabaic » Ethiopian Early Sabaic
AlphabetAncient South Arabian
Script typologyMonumental writing
Script cursusBoustrophedon
Writing techniqueIncision
Measure of letters4
Textual typologyDedicatory text - fragmentary
Royal inscriptionYes


   1  [Lmn mlkn ṣ]—
   2  [rʿn Y]—
   3  [g]ʿḏ[y]—
   4  n mkrb Dʿmt w-
   5  S¹bʾ bn Rbḥ hq—
   6  nyw l-S²mn (m)qṭ—
   7  rn ywmy m—
   8  (lk)w Dʿmt S¹—
   9  bʾ-*hy* w-ʿbr-h—
  10  y ʾdm-hy w-ṣ—
  11  lm-hy ln ms²r—
  12  q-hy ʿd mʿrb-
  13  hy b-s¹qt ʿs¹t—
  14  r w-Hbs¹ w-ʾlm→qhy w-ḏt-Ḥmym w-→ḏt-Bʿdn w-ʾb-→k Wdm bn kl
  15  mrʿm|

2-3The nisbe Ygʿḏyn is attested also in the inscriptions RIÉ 8 and RIÉ 5 A (see Bernand et alii 1991: 72-73, 76-78).
6Schneider suggests that S²mn could be interpreted as a name of deity (Schneider 1973: 387).
9On the stone: S¹bʾyh.
14The editor reads: bn km[.]
15For the editor mrʿm could be a proper name.



   1  Lmn, the victorious
   2  king, he of
   3  Ygʿḏ,
   4  mukarrib of Dʿmt and
   5  Sabaʾ, son of Rbḥ,
   6  dedicated to S²mn
   7  the incense-burner, when
   8  he became the king of Dʿmt, of
   9  its Sabeans and its settlers,
  10  its Red and
  11  its Black, from its east
  12  to its west,
  13  with the protection of ʿs¹tr
  14  and Hbs¹ and ʾlmqhy and ḏt-Ḥmym and ḏt-Bʿdn and may your father Wdm (save you)
  15  from any malicious individual.
1-2For the translation of ṣrʿn see the commentary in MG 3.
5-8The verbs hqnyw and mlkw are pluralis maiestatis (see Robin and de Maigret 1998: 783, 786-787).
9-13For the suffixed pronoun -hy and the noun s¹qt, see the commentary in the inscription Addi Akaweh 1.
Robin and de Maigret 1998: 783, 786-787Robin, Christian J. and de Maigret, Alessandro 1998. Le Grand Temple de Yéha (Tigray, Éthiopie), après la première campagne de fouilles de la Mission française (1998). Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, 142: 737-798.


DepositAbba Garima, Church
Support typeArtefact » Incense burner (mqṭr)
ShapeWith truncated pyramidal base
Measuresh. 68, w. of the base (lower part) 30, of the base (upper part) 19
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Modern siteʿAddi ʾAkawǝḥ
Ancient siteUnknown
Geographical areaWuqro
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Schneider 1973: 387-389Schneider, Roger 1973. Deux inscriptions Sudarabiques du Tigré. Bibliotheca Orientalis, 30: 385-389.
Bernand, Drewes and Schneider 1991: 79-80, pls 8-9Bernand, Etienne, Drewes, Abraham J. and Schneider, Roger 1991. Recueil des inscriptions de l'Éthiopie des périodes pré-axoumite et axoumite. Introduction de Francis Anfray. Paris: de Boccard. [Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-lettres]