Corpus of Central Minaic Inscriptions

Editor: Jérémie Schiettecatte


Ancient nameḤmrw (?) / Tḥty (?)
Geographical areaJawf - Wādī Madhab
CoordinatesLatitude: 16° 12' 6.8"    Longitude: 44° 38' 25"    
Coordinates accuracycertain
Type of siteSettlement
TribeLineage: Ḥmrw
StructuresDwelling (indeterminate)
Dwelling (concentrated)
Light hydraulic structure (ex. canal, well)
Small temple
Rock inscriptions
Location and toponomyAl-Ḥarâshif lies on the left bank of the wâdî Madhâb, 3.5 km north of as-Sawdâʾ and 6 km north-west of Kamna. The site is on the border between two tribes, the Banî Nawf and the dhû-Ḥusayn.
Two place names mentioned in the inscriptions in situ suggest the ancient name of the site: Ḥmrw (al-Ḥarâshif 2) or Tḥty (al-Ḥarâshif 3).
History of research1951: Tawfiq displays the site of al-Ḥarâshif on a map of the Jawf (Tawfiq 1951, pl. 1).
1983: visit of French Archaeological Mission in the Yemen Arab Republic (dir. Ch. Robin)
General descriptionAl-Ḥarâshif is a small tell where walls in mud bricks outcrop to the south. A small fort built in raw earth overlooks the site. One well was dug to the south of the site, another on top of the hill.
Some scattered or reemployed blocks from the wells probably come from ancient buildings.
Only three inscriptions from this site are known today: al-Ḥarâshif 1 to 3. Two of them are construction texts.

Robin (1992) offered the hypothesis that al-Ḥarâshif depended on the kingdom of Kamna on the basis of two elements:
- the author of al-Ḥarâshif 2 is most probably a king of Kamna;
- the letter "ṭ" with a horizontal bar is a form that can also be found in inscription Kamna 22.
ChronologyThe only elements that suggest a date for the occupation of the site refer to the writing style of inscriptions al-Ḥarâshif 2 and 3, in the palaeographic styles A and B3 defined by Jacqueline Pirenne, dated to the 8th-7th centuries BC.


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near Kharibat Hamdān (Hrm)




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