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Ancient nameSurru
CoordinatesLatitude: 33° 16' 09.1"    Longitude: 35° 11' 45.4"    
Coordinates accuracycertain
General descriptionThe Phoenician settlement is located on islets facing the mainland. There were two harbour, on the North and on the South, the latter provided with a system of quays and breakwater, and artificial basins in the Hellenistic period.
In the X cent. BC, under the rule of the king Hiram the gap between the two main islands was filled and a temple dedicated to Melqart was built. It is probably to be identified under the basilica of Crusaders, on the northern island.
The city walls, dating back to the IX cent. BC, were strenghten in the Persian period.
Alexander the Great built a dam in order to reach the island during the siege. The dam caused the silting up that presently makes the area a peninsula.


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north of Umm al-Amed (Unknown)
west of Burj el Chemali (Unknown)
north-west of Ain Ba'al (Unknown)
north of Tell Rachidiyyeh (Unknown)