digital archive for the study of pre-islamic arabian inscriptions


Ancient nameUnknown
Geographical areaUnited Arab Emirates
CoordinatesLatitude: 25° 32' 53"    Longitude: 55° 41' 59"    
Coordinates accuracycertain
Type of siteSettlement
DeitiesThe sun-god Šamaš.
Location and toponomyThe site overlooks the bay and the lagoon of Umm al-Qaiwayn.
History of researchThe first prospections were led in 1986.
ChronologyObeid period (5th-4th millenium); Bronze Age (3rd-2nd millenium); Iron Age; 1st-2nd centuries AD (flourishing period of the site); 3rd-4th centuries AD.
Archaeological missionsEuropaean missions (Great Britain, Danmark, Belgium, France).
United Arab Emirates.


A rectangular area sorrounded by an external wall: its main gate is located on the eastern side of the wall, with Corinthian columns. On the temple's walls is still preserved an external plaster layer.


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