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Ancient nameUnknown
Geographical areaSuquṭrā
CoordinatesLatitude: 12° 35' 42"    Longitude: 54° 18' 14.4"    
Coordinates accuracycertain
Type of siteReligious area
Location and toponomyThe cave, known as Ḥōq, is located in the North-East of the island of Soqoṭrā.
General descriptionThe cave, of some 2 km depth, is located at 350 m above the sea level.
Chronology2nd century AD-4th centrury AD
Classical sourcesOn Soqoṭrā island: Periplus maris Erythraei § 30-31; Cosmas Indicopleustès (III, 65); Steven of Byzance (Ethnika, Meineke ed. p. 233); Plinius the Elder (Hist. nat. VI, 153)


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north-east of Suquṭra (Dioskouridou (Greek), ḏ-S³krd (South-Arabian))


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