Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

Catalogue 2000: 278, fig. 21


LanguageAncient South Arabian » Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
AlphabetAncient South Arabian
Script typologyMonumental writing
Writing techniqueIncision
PeriodC. Conjectural
Textual typologyDedicatory text


   1  [n]kl Lḥyʿṯt S¹bʾyn
   2  [l]-S²ms¹ ʾlht
   3  ʾbbhṯ ʾṯt
   4  Tbʿm w-s¹mw ʾltn ʾġn—
   5  m ḥg-n tḥlfy w-ḥd w-{t}
   6  tqbn w-s¹ʿd-h nʿmtm
   7  Tbʿm bn
   8  Ṣbḥm



   1  Work of Lḥyʿṯt the Sabaean
   2  for S²ms, goddess of
   3  ʾbbhṯ, wife of
   4  Tbʿm. And he offered to the goddess (his booty)
   5  as the two of them had sworn,
   6  interdicted and vowed. And may (the deity) grant favour to her (him?).
   7  Tbʿm ibn
   8  Ṣbḥm.
"Has made [this] Lḥyʿṯt" (Jamme).
"and he had presented the goddess with goats because both of them were bound together by an oath and confined and had entered a round pavillon, and it [=the deity] had made him happy with prosperity Tbʿm bn Ṣbḥm" (Jamme).


DepositṢanʿāʾ, The National Museum, YM 386
Support typeArtefact » Stela » Stela with scene
Measuresh. 20.6, w. 10.5, th. 4
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Modern siteTanʿim
Ancient siteTnʿmt
Geographical areaKhawlān al-Ṭiyāl
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