Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

CIAS: i, 193


LanguageAncient South Arabian » Ḥaḍramitic
AlphabetAncient South Arabian
Script typologyMonumental writing
Writing techniqueIncision
Textual typologyDedicatory text


   1  Hs²mr bn Hḥyʿs³(t)
   2  s¹qny S¹yn ḏ-Ws¹ṭhn
   3  ms³ndhn ḏ-s²ft-s¹ ʿ(l)—
   4  hy bhl s²tʿr w-(ft)—
   5  qd w-(h)-(y)nḫʾ b-ms³(nd)—
   6  h(n) b-ʿbr ḏt s¹tʾ(l)
   7  b-S¹yn (h)-(y)s¹s²ʾm Ġ[.]—
   8  bm tḥ(t)-n ʾrḫ-s¹ w-[ʿ]—
   9  qb-s³ [..](qn)[... ...]
  10  [... ...]

The letters ḫ are dextrograde.
2S¹yn ḏ-ʿs¹ṭhn (Höfner).
7-8The editors read (Ġl)bm, but it could also be Ġ(b)bm.



   1  Hs²mr son of Hḥyʿs³t
   2  dedicated to S¹yn ḏ-Ws¹ṭhn
   3  the inscription he had promised Him, according to
   4  the oracle he interpreted and
   5  sought for, and in order to confess through this inscription,
   6  because he requested
   7  on S¹yn's behalf to sell Ġ[.]bm
   8  under the authority of His order
   9  and as agent (?) of it [... ...]
  10  [... ...].
5Our translation of nḫʾ with "to confess" - which is an unicum in ASA - considers the verb as parallel to tnḫy/ntḫy found in Ancient South Arabian penitential texts. This interpretation remains, however, highly hypothetical.

   1  Hs²mr, Sohn des Hḥyʿs³t
   2  hat gewidmet dem S¹yn ḏ-ʿs¹ṭhn
   3  die(se) Inschrift, die er ihm gelobt hatte auf
   4  Grund des (Orakel-)Spruches, den er erfahren und ge-
   5  sucht hat, und damit er gelange durch die(se) In-
   6  schrift zu dem, was er erbeten hat
   7  von S¹yn (namlich): dass verkaufe Ġl-
   8  bm auf seine Weisung hin und als sein
   9  Stellvertreter (oder 'unter seiner Aufsicht' ?) ...
  10  ... ...
2-9"... dedicated this inscription which he had promised Him for the oracular declaration which he had received and sought; and may he attain, by means of this inscription, to that which he has asked of S¹yn, (namely) may He (the deity) grant success in his (the dedicant's) business/lawsuit and its outcome ..." (Beeston 1988).
9"... He asked S¹yn so that he should sell Ġlbm according to his agreement and at the price established for it" (Frantsouzoff 1998 b).
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DepositAden, The National Museum, AM 245
Support typeArtefact » Stela » Stela with framework
Measuresh. 66, w. 42
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Origin and provenance
Modern siteRaybūn
Ancient siteRybn [oasis]
Geographical areaCentral Ḥaḍramawt
Archaeological contextReligious context: Temple of S¹yn ḏ-Ws¹ṭhn
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