Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

Fakhry 1952: 56, fig. 22
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LanguageAncient South Arabian » Sabaic » Central Middle Sabaic
AlphabetAncient South Arabian
Script typologyMonumental writing
Writing techniqueIncision
Measure of letters3
Textual typologyDedicatory text - fragmentary


   1  [... ...]
   2  [... ...]n ʾdm mlk—
   3  [n hqnyw ʾlmqh bʿl] (ʾ)wʿl-Ṣrwḥ ṯny ṣ—
   4  [lmnhn ... ... ](ḥ)mdm b-ḏt hwfy-hmw ʾl—
   5  [mqh b-kl ʾml]ʾ s¹tmlʾ b-ʿm-hw w-ḥmdm
   6  [... ...-h]mw ʾlmqhw Ṣdq bn ʿbdʿṯtr bn M—
   7  [... ...] w-ʾs¹d-hw ʾs¹d ḫrg-hw b-ʿbr mrʾ-hm—
   8  [w S²ʿrm] ʾwtr mlk S¹bʾ w-ḏ-Rydn w-hgbʾ l-h—
   9  [mw mrʾ]-hw S²ʿrm ʾwtr mlk S¹bʾ w-ḏ-Rydn ṣdq—
  10  [m w-]rs²d ʿbdʿṯtr w-ʾs¹d-hw w-b-ḏt ḫmr-hw
  11  [ʾlm]qhw wkb-hw b-ʾrḍ Ḫwln b-kn s¹rq ʿ—
  12  [.]m ʿbd bn Mwqṣm mḥrm Bʿl ʾwʿln w-l-
  13  (s¹)ʿd-hw ʾlmqhw ʾṯmrm w-ʾfqlm ʿdy ʾrḍ-hm—
  14  w Nḫl Ḫrf w-l-ḫmr-hmw ʾlmqhw ḥẓy w-rḍw mr—
  15  ʾy-hmw ʾls²rḥ Yḥḍb w-ʾḫy-hw Yʾzl Byn mlk—
  16  y S¹bʾ w-ḏ-Rydn bny Frʿm Ynhb mlk S¹bʾ w-ʾ—
  17  qwl-hmw Rṯdʾwm Yzd bn Ḥbb w-bny ʿnnn w-
  18  [s²]ʿb-hmw Ṣrwḥ w-l-ḫryn-hmw bn nḍʿ w-s²ṣy s²nʾm
  19  b-ʿṯtr w-Hwbs¹ w-ʾlmqhw w-b-Ṯr Bʿlm w-b-ḏt [Ḥmym w-ḏt Bʿ]—
  20  [d](n)m w-b-ʿṯtr S²ymm w-rbʿ-hmw w-s²ms¹-hmw

3-4ṣ[lmnhn ḏ-ḏhbn] (CIH).
6b-ḏt ḫmr-h]mw (CIH).
7ḫrg instead of ḥrg (corrected by Höfner).
19-20Ḥmym is in a lacuna in Fakhry's facsimile while it is wholly read by CIH. At the end of the line according to Fakhry's facsimile, the lacuna is longer than the one assumed by CIH.
20b-ʿṯtr instead of b-ʿṯr (corrected by Höfner). Fakhry omits the last w and draws instead a rosette.



   1  [... ...]
   2  [... ...] vassals of the king
   3  dedicated to ʾlmqh Master of the ibexes of Ṣrwḥ two
   4  statues [in bronze?], in praise because ʾlmqh
   5  gratified him with all the favours he sought from Him, and in praise
   6  [because] ʾlmqh [... ...] them, namely Ṣdq son of ʿbdʿṯtr descendant of M-
   7  [... ...] and his soldiers, who brought a lawsuit against him before their lord
   8  S²ʿrm ʾwtr king of Sabaʾ and ḏu-Raydān, and he rendered proper justice to
   9  them their lord S²ʿrm ʾwtr king of Sabaʾ and ḏu-Raydān,
  10  and ʿbdʿṯtr and his soldiers did correction (to it), and because ʾlmqh granted him
  11  His favour in the land of Ḫwln, when ʿ[.]m
  12  servant of the banū Mwqṣm stole (?) (from) the temple of Bʿl ʾwʿln; and may ʾlmqh
  13  grant him harvests and crops in their land
  14  Nḫl Ḫrf, and may ʾlmqh grant them the goodwill and satisfaction of their
  15  lord ʾls²rḥ Yḥḍb and his brother Yʾzl Byn king
  16  of Sabaʾ and ḏu-Raydān, sons of Frʿm Ynhb king of Sabaʾ, and their
  17  ʾqwl Rṯdʾwm Yzd descendant of Ḥbb, the banū ʿnnn and
  18  their tribe Ṣrwḥ, and may He deliver them from the maleficence and malice of any enemy
  19  by ʿṯtr, Hwbs¹ and ʾlmqh, and by Ṯr Bʿlm and by ḏt Ḥmym and ḏt Bʿ‒
  20  dnm and by ʿṯtr S²ymm and their tutelary deity and their Solar deity.


Support typeStone inscription
Measuresh. 47, w. 30
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Modern siteṢirwāḥ-Khawlān
Ancient siteṢrwḥ
Geographical areaṢirwāḥ
Archaeological contextReligious context: Temple of ʾlmqh bʿl ʾwʿl Ṣrwḥ
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