Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

Robin 1991: 193, fig. 4
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LanguageAncient South Arabian » Sabaic » Southern Middle Sabaic
AlphabetAncient South Arabian
Script typologyMonumental writing
Writing techniqueIncision
Measure of letters13 (A); 7 (B)
Textual typologyConstruction text


Ll.1-7: MAFRAY-Maḫliq 1 A; ll.8-10: MAFRAY-Maḫliq 1 B.


   1  Hwfʿm Yzʾn w-Nbṭʿm w-ʿbdʿm bnw ʾbḏḫr w-Ys²rn w-Ḏ(r)ḥn w-Y—
   2  rm w-ʾlwd-hmw Ḏrḥn w-ʾbʾns¹ w-Ns²ʾm bnw Ḫbzn w-Ḏrft bqr—
   3  w w-hqs²b w-hqḥ kl nqb w-ḥrt w-mbrʾt w-nkylt yʿlwn ʾmwh w-ḏh—
   4  b ḏ-S²ḥṭtm l-ms¹qy s¹r-hmw Qrnm b-ʿṯtr S²rqn w-ʿm ḏ-Mbrqm w-ʿm ḏ-Wʿlm
   5  w-ʿm Wrdm w-ḏt Ẓhrn w-ʾs²ms¹-hmw w-b-tḥrg mrʾ-hmw ʿmdn Yhqbḍ mlk S¹—
   6  bʾ w-ḏ-Rydn w-b ʾqwl-hmw Hwfʿm w-Wtrm w-Lḥyʿt w-ʾlwd-hmw bny Mʿhr
   7  |w-ḏ-Ḫwln ʾbʿl Hrn w-b s²ʿb-hmw ḏ-Mʿdwn w-mlʾ-hmw w-b ḫyl mʾdbt-hmw
   8  rṯdw ḏt ʾs¹ṭrn
   9  w-nkyltn ʿṯtr S²r—
  10  qn bn mhbʾs¹m

8ḏt is morphologically singular but is referred to a plural noun. It might be a mistake for ḏtn (plural of the demonstrative ḏn in Qatabanic, also used in Sabaic inscriptions from the southern highlands).



   1  Hwfʿm Yzʾn, Nbṭʿm and ʿbdʿm, sons of ʾbḏḫr, Ys²rn, Ḏrḥn and Y-
   2  rm, and their children Ḏrḥn, ʾbʾns¹ and Ns²ʾm, banū Ḫbzn and Ḏrft dug up,
   3  built and completed the whole channel, dam (?), construction, and the equipment (or: water-channels) which bring up the waters and the flow of
   4  ḏ-S²ḥṭtm for the irrigation of their valley Qrnm; by ʿṯtr S²rqn, ʿm ḏ-Mbrqm, ʿm ḏ-Wʿlm,
   5  ʿm Wrdm, ḏt Ẓhrn and their ʾs²ms¹, and by the command of their lord ʿmdn Yhqbḍ, king of Sa-
   6  baʾ and ḏu-Raydān, and by their ʾqwl Hwfʿm, Wtrm and Lḥyʿt, and their children banū Mʿhr
   7  and ḏ-Ḫwln, lords of the house Hrn, and by their tribe ḏ-Mʿdwn and their economic contribution, and by the power of their vassals.
   8  They committed these inscriptions
   9  and equipment to ʿṯtr S²r-
  10  qn against the one who may cause damages.
Concerning ḥrt and yʿlwn, see MAFRAY-ḏī-Ḥadīd 2.


Support typeRock inscription
Measuresh. 93, w. 217; h. 22, w. 40
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Origin and provenance
Modern siteQāniya
Ancient siteQnʾtm
Geographical areaRadmān
FoundIn situ
Archaeological contextAgricultural irrigation context: Basin
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