Online Corpus of the Inscriptions of Ancient North Arabia


Support typeRock inscription
Notes on support and decorationsU 007 was carved in the small, irregular space remaining between U 003, U 008, and U 014, all of which must have been carved before it. As a result, the lines of U 007 are of different lengths. Because U 008 have already been carved in the space immediately below line 3 of this text, the three letters of line 4 have to be carved in a small space immediately before U 008/1.


Modern siteal-ʿUlā
Ancient siteDdn
Geographical areaḤijāz
CountrySaudi Arabia
NotesFound in Al-ʿUḏayb (Ǧabal ʿIkmah). The inscription is carved amongst a mass of others on one side of the huge rock, which Stiehl called ‘Block A’. It is above U 008 and U 003 and to the right of U 014.
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TitleU 007
ConcordanceASNL A; BILS 36; Stiehl A 11; QDNL 011; AH 057; D 104
LanguageAncient North Arabian » Oasis North Arabian » Dadanitic
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Stiehl 1971: 4Stiehl, Ruth 1971. Neue liḥyānische Inschriften aus al-‛Uḏaib. Pages 3-40 in Altheim, Franz and Stiehl, Ruth (ed.). Christentum am Roten Meer I. Berlin, New York: de Gruyter.