Online Corpus of the Inscriptions of Ancient North Arabia


Support typeRock inscription
Notes on support and decorationsDue that the rock face is damaged on the right side, the beginning of the lines are not aligned.
On the left side, the line 3 is longer than the others. The line 4 is short because the condition of the rock difficults to carve more letters. The line 5 is placed just above U 18 and at the same level of the line 1 of the inscription U 021. It might be thought that this inscription was carved in the space remaining after carving U 018 and U 021.


Modern siteal-ʿUlā
Ancient siteDdn
Geographical areaḤijāz
CountrySaudi Arabia
NotesFound in Al-ʿUḏayb (Ǧabal ʿIkmah). The inscription is carved amongst a mass of others on one side of the huge rock, which Stiehl called ‘Block A’. It is above U 018 and U 021, and to the right of U 024.
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TitleU 017
ConcordanceStiehl A 05; QDNL 005; AH 044; D 098
LanguageAncient North Arabian » Oasis North Arabian » Dadanitic
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Stiehl 1971: 4Stiehl, Ruth 1971. Neue liḥyānische Inschriften aus al-‛Uḏaib. Pages 3-40 in Altheim, Franz and Stiehl, Ruth (ed.). Christentum am Roten Meer I. Berlin, New York: de Gruyter.