Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

Editor: Jérémie Schiettecatte

Al-ʿUqla, plan.
Darles 1998: fig. 2


Ancient nameʾnwdm
Geographical areaShabwa
CoordinatesLatitude: 15° 22' 46"    Longitude: 46° 54' 10"    
Coordinates accuracyapproximate
Type of siteReligious area
TribeTribe: ʾs¹dn ; ʾs¹dyhn (Nisba) ; ʾs¹dyn (Nisba)
Tribe: ʿrbyn (nisba) ; ʿrbytyn (nisba)
Tribe: Hndyyhn (nisba for Hnd)
Tribe: Ḥḍrmt
Tribe: Ḥmyryyhn (nisba for Ḥimyar)
Tribe: Ks²dyyhn (nisba for Ks²d)
Tribe: Mbnytyhn (nisba)
Tribe: Qrs²htn (nisba for Qrs²)
Tribe: Tḏmryyhn (nisba for Tḏmr)
Tribe: Yhb
Lineage : ʾlryb
Lineage: ʿynt
Lineage: Ḫṣyr
Lineage: Ḥbnn
Lineage: Qyḥn
Lineage: Wdm
Lineage: Yḏʾn
StructuresLight hydraulic structure (ex. canal, well)
Wells, cisterns
Isolated temple
Rock inscriptions
General descriptionThis small site is at 13 km from Shabwa and corresponds to the homonymous small spur. One of the rock has on top a small walled structure, whose sides are 7.5 m each. This building had a small podium and probably some pillar (only two bases have been recovered). One basin was at the foot of one of the rocks. The importance of this spot is in the abundant inscriptions which are incised on the rocks' flanks. These permitted to know that this place was at least used during the 3rd century AD in occasion of the accession to the throne of the kings of Ḥaḍramawt. During this ceremony the sacred royal hunt was also performed.


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near Shabwa (S²bwt)




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