digital archive for the study of pre-islamic arabian inscriptions

Word lists, which can be accessed by clicking on the link in the menu on the left,  is a study tool that allows you to retrieve the list of the words occurring in the inscriptions of the archive. These lists vary, depending on the level of the archive you have accessed.
Two separate lists are provided:
  • General word list: a list of all the words that begin with a given letter
  • Lacunae at beginning: a list of all the words that begin with a lacuna. In these cases the words are arranged in alphabetical order (see Result list) based on the first letter (and then the second letter etc.) appearing after the lacuna. For each letter the list begins with those words preceded by the shortest lacuna (one character [.]) and ends with those preceded by the longest lacuna (more than four characters [... ...]).
The words are listed according to this schema: word, language, indication if the word is a noun or a name of a particular onomastic category and relative number of occurrences. By clicking on the link provided by the number of occurrences, you can pass to a list of these occurrences. In this list, the specific language of the inscription, its siglum in alphabetical order and the context within which the word appears in each inscription are provided.
Thumbnails images of the epigraphs can be viewed by clicking on activate image preview just above the list of occurrences.
By clicking on the siglum of the inscription, you can retrieve the catalogue entry for that inscription, in which you will see the word highlighted in bold.
The two lists are provided with a Filter words by ... function whose button is located just above the alphabet bar, which allows you to generate a list made up exclusively of names (Onomastics only) or words that are not names (Lexicon only).
Note: when you have selected Filter words by: Onomastics only, a page will appear with a list of further filters by onomastic category.