digital archive for the study of pre-islamic arabian inscriptions

If you click on the link Epigraphs in the menu on the left, an index page of the titles of the epigraphs and their concordances will appear.
Number of epigraphs in the list
The total number of epigraphs listed is indicated above the alphabet bar in this form: “NR titles, of which NR are actual epigraphs” (e.g: “9607 titles, of which 5861 are actual epigraphs”). The first number refers to all the epigraph titles plus their concordances, i.e. alternative titles, while the second refers only to the titles, i.e. it indicates the real number of different epigraph records which fit the criteria selected. You can distinguish the concordances in the list, because the main title of the epigraph is written between brackets at its side.
Structure of the list
The records are listed in alphabetical order by title.  You can select the initial letter from the alphabetic bar above. 30 records are listed in each page. In addition to the titles and concordances of the epigraphs, the list includes information on the language in which the inscription was written and thumbnail images. By clicking on a title or on one of its concordances, you will be taken to the apposite epigraph card (see Cards).
Your search of the index of epigraphs can be refined by using one or more of the filters that you will find above the list; these will filter information regarding the epigraphs themselves, the objects on which they appear, or the sites to which they are linked (to learn more about the content of the filters, see Editorial criteria).
Every filter is provided with a text box, control box or dropdown menu, where which you can type, select or choose the needed values. In the “Title” box you can insert special characters by means of the virtual keyboard, which can be displayed by clicking on the icon located at the side of the box.
When more than one filter is applied, the logic governing the selection will be ‘AND’. Therefore, if you apply various filters a list consisting only of those epigraphs that simultaneously meet all of the criteria will be generated.
Note that the number of epigraphs listed will vary depending on the level (the entire DASI archive, a specific project, a specific corpus) at which you are consulting the archive and that the filters applied must be consistent with that specific level and among themselves. E.g.: if you have accessed the Corpus of Qatabanic Inscriptions and you filter by Language-->Minaic, you will not retrieve any result.