Collection of the objects from the Museum of Baynūn

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LanguageAncient South Arabian » Sabaic » Southern Middle Sabaic
AlphabetAncient South Arabian
Script typologyMonumental writing
Writing techniqueIncision
Measure of letters4
Date(407 Ḥim)
Textual typologyConstruction text - fragmentary
Royal inscriptionYes


   1  S²mr Y(h)[rʿs² ml](k) S¹bʾ w-ḏ-Ry(d)n w-Ḥḍr(m)wt [w-Ymnt bn Ys¹rm Yhnʿm mlk S¹bʾ w-ḏ Ry]—
   2  dn bqlw w-hdbn w-brʾ w-ḥẓr wyn-hmw ḏ-Ḥ[... ...]
   3  w-mr-hw Ḥwl bn mwṯr ʿdy mrym-hw w-k[... ...]
   4  tḥty-hmw ʾbyt mʾdbt-hmw bny Ṯ[ʾrn ḏ-S¹lyt ... ...]
   5  Mḏrʾn ḏ-b-ḫryfn ḏ-l-s¹bʿt w-[ʾrbʿ mʾtm bn ḫryf Mb]—
   6  ḥḍ bn ʾbḥḍ |

1for Ymnt see Robin 2013: 131-133.
3Ḥwl as a proper name of mr is suggested by Müller, Walter W. 2010: 171.
4the integration might be either b-wrḫ(n) ḏ- or wrḫ-hw ḏ
5-6the integration of the date is proposed by Robin 2005 b: 135, note 8 and Müller, Walter W. 2010: 39.



   1  S²mr Yhrʿs² king of Sabaʾ, ḏu-Raydān, Ḥaḍramawt and Yamnat son of Ys¹rm Yhnʿm king Sabaʾ and ḏu-Raydān
   2  planted, constructed, built and enclosed their vineyard of Ḥ[... ...]
   3  and its irrigation system (?) Ḥwl, from foundation to its top and [... ...]
   4  below them the houses of their vassals, the banū Ṯʾrn ḏ-S¹lyt [... ... in the month of]
   5  Mḏrʾn, in the year four hundred and seven of the era of Mb-
   6  ḥḍ of ʾbḥḍ.


DepositBaynūn, Museum, BynM 4
Support typeStone inscription
Measuresh. 32, w. 70, th. 9.5; Monogram: h. 27.5, w. 8
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Origin and provenance
Modern siteBaynūn
Ancient siteBynn
Geographical areaKhawlân
Archaeological contextAgricultural irrigation context
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According to the dating proposed in the lacuna at the end of l.5, S²mr Yhrʿs² wrote this text in the year of 407 him, shortly after the conquest of Ḥaḍramawt.


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