Corpus of Undefined Ancient South Arabian Language inscriptions (work in progress)

544 titles, of which 533 are actual objects 66 titles starting with a, of which 64 main titles and 2 concordances
previewA-10-733Artefact » Container
previewA-20-1024Stone inscription
previewA-20-1025Stone inscription
previewA-20-1026Stone inscription
previewA-20-1027Stone inscription
previewA-20-1030Artefact » Stela » Stela with figure in relief
previewA-20-1033Artefact » Incense burner
previewA-20-11Artefact » Incense burner
previewA-20-164Stone inscription
previewA-20-167Stone inscription
previewA-20-171Artefact » Stela » Stela with framework
previewA-20-172Stone inscription
previewA-20-173Artefact » Stela » Stela with figure in relief
previewA-20-18Artefact » Incense burner
previewA-20-189Artefact » Container » Basin
previewA-20-228Artefact » Incense burner
previewA-20-267Stone inscription
previewA-20-271Artefact » Incense burner
previewA-20-272Stone inscription
previewA-20-276Artefact » Personal adornment
previewA-20-281Stone inscription
previewA-20-283Stone inscription
previewA-20-285Stone inscription
previewA-20-287Stone inscription
previewA-20-305Artefact » Architectural element » Architectural decoration
previewA-20-333Artefact » Offering table » With bull head as gutter
previewA-20-357Artefact » Incense burner
previewA-20-375Stone inscription