Corpus of Ḥaḍramitic Inscriptions

1117 titles, of which 966 are actual epigraphs 25 titles starting with a, of which 7 main titles and 18 concordances
previewAltounyan 1Ḥaḍramitic
previewArbach-Bāfaqīh al-ʿUqla 1Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 162Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 182 (Shabwa V/76/57)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 183 (Shabwa Chantier V 1975)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 184 (Shabwa VIII/76/36)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 185 (Shabwa V/85/22)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 187 (Shabwa II/75/3)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 279 (Shabwa S/75/85)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 296 (Wādī Ḍuraʾ 6A)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 296-5 (Wādī Ḍuraʾ 46)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 296-6 (Wādī Ḍuraʾ 47)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 297 (Wādī Ḍuraʾ 6B)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 298 (Wādī Ḍuraʾ 5)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 299 (Wādī Ḍuraʾ 2)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 300 (Wādī Ḍuraʾ 1)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 301 (Wādī Ḍuraʾ 16)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 426Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 570Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 90 (Barīra 8)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 91 (Barīra 9)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 96 (Shabwa S/75/117)Ḥaḍramitic
previewATM 98 (Biʾr Ḥamed 16)Ḥaḍramitic