digital archive for the study of pre-islamic arabian inscriptions

Each page of the DASI site is divided into three sections:
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  • middle section: dedicated to the content of the archive and, in the left margin, a series of Tools and Indices that provide access to it;
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This site is an archive of epigraphs and objects from pre-Islamic Arabia. Directed by the University of Pisa, it is being compiled by different research groups working on different projects: the University of Pisa is responsible for South Arabia, the University of Oxford for North Arabia, the CNRS-UMR Orient et Méditerranée for Nabataea.
The material gathered by some of the projects is being directly incorporated into the DASI database, while other projects are already compiling their own databases and are providing direct access to them via the DASI website. In this way, the DASI archive can be consulted on different levels from a global search of the entire archive to searches of the archives of the individual projects. The consultation of the global archive and of specific project archives will differ in some tools and indices provided (see Tools and Indices).
Each project has been given its own homepage (see Homepage), with its own header and background colour.