digital archive for the study of pre-islamic arabian inscriptions

The DASI homepage provides information on the DASI archive. A list of the individual projects with a brief presentation is provided in the middle section of this page. You can access the contents of a specific project by accessing them via the list on the DASI homepage or the dropdown menu for Projects in the header. In the near future, searches of the entire DASI archive will be enabled, using the tools from the menu in the left margin on the DASI homepage (see Tools and Indices).
Access to the Reserved area in the upper section of the DASI homepage will be soon activated, providing further functionalities to registered users.
The homepages of the individual projects are structured similarly to the DASI homepage, but include a list of their corpora of inscriptions (classified by typology of corpus) and, from the menu in the left margin, provide tools and indices (see Tools and Indices) that will allow you to access the catalogued material. Similarly, the homepage of each corpus of inscription provides a list of its sub-corpora, if any, and the menu of tools and indices.