digital archive for the study of pre-islamic arabian inscriptions

The content of the DASI archive and of the individual projects can be accessed using the Tools and Indices provided in the left margin of the site pages. The DASI website has been structured and the search tools and indices have been designed so that the extent of the search can be either broadened or narrowed on the basis of the level of the archive you have accessed. Therefore, you can either search the entire DASI archive by launching your search from the DASI homepage, or limit your consultation to a single project or corpus inside a project from its specific homepage.
From the DASI homepage, access to the data of the entire archive can be gained using two simple search tools:
  • an advanced search of portions of epigraphic text using a number of filters (see Textual search; this function will be available in the near future);
  • a map of the region marked with the sites of origin or provenance of the objects and epigraphs catalogued in the archive (see Map).
From the Projects homepages or Corpora homepages, access to their specific data can be gained using the same two search tools (Textual search and Map) and also:
  • an additional tool, which provides the list of words occurring in the inscriptions catalogued (see Word list)
  • a series of indices providing the lists of corpora (see Corpora Map), collections (see Collections map), epigraphs (see Epigraphs), objects (see Objects), sites (see Sites) and bibliographical records (see Bibliography) of the projects and corpora within a project.
When, using these functionalities, you retrieve a DASI card containing data imported from another project, you will find a link that will take you to the website of the original project.
When you have accessed the inside pages of a project, a breadcrumb trail in the upper part of the central section of the homepage will keep track of your location within the web and provide links back to the parent pages of the current one.